Surface Mounted Barricade

Model #: DSC1450

Crash Rated Barrier: K Rated Barrier

Installation Design: Shallow Mount Barriers

The DSC1450 is a surface mounted vehicle barricade that consists of four components. Two buttresses, a road plate and hinge plate. The four separate component design makes for easy shipment handling and installation.

The shallow mount barrier components are lag bolted in place to existing concrete surfaces such as parking structures and parking lots to be used as an anti-theft device and or traffic control device. The barricade features a self-contained programmable electro-mechanical drive system, controls and an integral barrier arm. Typical installation is four hours or less.

DSC1450 Procurement Specification DSC1450 Procurement Specification

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DCS1450 Surface Mounted Barricade

DSC1450 Shallow Mounted Parking Lot Barricade

DCS1450 Surface Mounted Barricade

DSC1450 Surface Mounted Parking Control Barrier

DCS1450 Surface Mounted Barricade

DSC1450 K Rated Access Barriers