Military Base Breaches Versus Delta Scientific Barricades

Breaches of physical security on military bases by unauthorized personnel are more common than the average civilian may realize. Unauthorized personnel may wish to steal military information for a foreign power or just cause chaos by committing violence. We at Delta Scientific understand the risks that these breaches pose to national security. Our barricades have a role in preventing and thwarting such breaches.

A Guide to Anti-Ram Vehicle Barriers

Many organizations in the public and private sectors have adopted a tiered approach to physical security. Where there is a tiered approach, there are several perimeter barriers in place to prevent access by unauthorized personnel. Anti-ram barriers are examples of these perimeter barriers. If you are unfamiliar with physical security concepts, we offer this introduction to anti-ram vehicle barriers.

How Building Protection Bollards Improve Public Building Aesthetic

It’s an unfortunate reality that terrorist attacks, both in the United States and abroad, have turned motor vehicles into weapons. These attacks have involved cars and trucks barrelling into large crowds, pedestrian areas, and college campuses. Many other targets, such as sports stadiums, community centers, and government buildings, could see a vehicular attack. In order to treat the threat of these attacks seriously, companies and event organizers should consider utilizing building protection bollards.

Your Guide to Typical Bollard Code Requirements

Bollards are short, sturdy posts installed in the ground, or just at the surface, to create a boundary between a roadway and a building or pedestrian area. Bollards allow foot traffic to flow freely while signaling to drivers that vehicles cannot enter a certain area. Bollards can even add aesthetic appeal. When installing Delta Scientific bollards, you must comply with applicable bollard code requirements. These may be part of a larger building code and ensure that the construction is safe for the general public.

How Much Does Bollard Installation Cost?

When you purchase bollards from Delta Scientific, you make an investment in safety. You protect your employees, clients, or constituents from collisions with speeding vehicles. You also protect yourself from liability that you may face as a result of such a collision taking place on your property. As a responsible property owner or manager, you should consider bollard installation cost when planning your budget.

What Crowd Surges Are and How To Prevent Them

Major events that draw large crowds can be fun, exciting, and memorable. Unfortunately, big events can also pose their own safety risks. Event planners and venues have a duty to protect attendees from external threats and from threats caused by the crowd itself. What are crowd surges? Find out more about these unfortunate incidents and ways to prevent them.

What Is the Standard Bollard Height?

A bollard is a short, sturdy post installed into the ground. It delineates parking areas and pedestrian areas. Bollards that offer crash protection, such as those we offer at Delta Scientific, prevent cars from crashing into buildings or onto walkways, causing injuries and property damage in the process. Bollard height is an important consideration when you are purchasing access control systems.

The 4 Types of Perimeter Security Bollards

There is an undeniable increase in the number of attacks on citizens, communities, and businesses using a vehicle as a weapon. Whether the perpetrator is a member of a terrorist cell or a home-grown malcontent, the destruction is devastating. The loss of life and property can be incalculable, making prevention strategies an essential step in protecting your facility and your community from malicious attacks.

Driveway Security Bollards: A Quick Guide

The driveway security bollard has been popular in commercial and industrial applications for many years. More recently, residential property owners have also become interested in security bollards for driveways due to issues such as vehicle theft. If you are thinking about installing driveway security bollards, we have answers to some important questions you may have.