Protecting Pedestrians and Property Amidst Protests

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The right to state an opinion is something that many Americans hold dear. When many voices call out in unison, the results can turn into a security nightmare. Even locations where high pedestrian traffic isn't normally a concern need to have a plan in place to handle massive protests. Local authorities may be in charge of keeping the peace, but there are many steps that professional security teams and designers can take to ensure the safety of people and property under their care. Using both fixed and portable units, any location can be prepared for demonstrations in ways that keep everyone's safety at the forefront.

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The Threat Behind Computerized Vehicles

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The idea behind vehicular attacks is simple. Unlike conventional weapons, larger cars and trucks are more ubiquitous, and the potential cost to morale and the population as a whole is high. The main concession is that these transports need to be manned by a person with devious intent. However, the continued computerization of vehicles, as well as the push towards complete autonomous driving, may make this form of improvised ammunition much more effective and dangerous.

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Security Challenges of Keeping the Lights On

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A nation's utilities are one of the most integral parts of its infrastructure. Disrupting electricity, natural gas or water can inconvenience, or more threaten, the lives of thousands of citizens. These facilities pose challenges not generally associated with other locations. While cybersecurity is at the forefront of utility protection, these locations still need to be protected from more traditional physical assaults as well.

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Press Release May 27, 2020

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Delta Scientific announces that on Thursday, May 21, just after 6 am, a terrorist tried to speed past a Delta Scientific MP5000 portable barrier onto the Naval Air Station - Corpus Christi. The MP5000 barrier prevented the terrorist from gaining access to the base.

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A Case For Being Prepared

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While many things have changed due to the worldwide pandemic, some things still remain the same. The threats of vehicular violence are still present even though collisions have become less frequent and traffic, in general, is at a significant low thanks to COVID-19. Preparing for such instances remains a high priority, and those institutions that take preemptive action stand to prevent major incidents before they start.

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The Damage Caused By Hoarding During the COVID-19 Crisis

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The COVID-19 pandemic is drastically changing the lives of everyone around the globe. While people can hope that global citizens will work together to overcome this crisis, there are always those looking to either profit from the situation, or only think about their own well-being. There are people who rush to stores during any emergency, grabbing up food and other supplies as quickly as they appear on the shelves. Unfortunately, during a long-term event like the pandemic, hoarding may cause even more harm than leaving a family without toilet paper.

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