How Much Does Bollard Installation Cost?

When you purchase bollards from Delta Scientific, you make an investment in safety. You protect your employees, clients, or constituents from collisions with speeding vehicles. You also protect yourself from liability that you may face as a result of such a collision taking place on your property. As a responsible property owner or manager, you should consider bollard installation cost when planning your budget.

4 Factors That Can Affect Bollard Installation Cost

The total cost to install bollards consists of both the labor costs and the price to purchase the equipment, unless you already have the bollards available and ready to go. Here are some factors that can affect the price you pay to have bollards installed.

How Much Does Bollard Installation Cost? | Delta Scientific

1. Type of Bollards

At Delta Scientific, we offer both fixed bollards and portable bollards. Because the fixed bollards require a permanent installation, the cost to install them is typically higher. You can generally expect to pay approximately $200 to $600 to install one fixed bollard.

We also offer shallow foundation bollards for sites with existing infrastructure, such as utility lines. Shallow foundation bollards are a permanent installation, but we do not have to excavate as deeply during installation. This means less labor than it takes to install our standard bollards.

Another type of bollard that we offer at Delta Scientific is a retractable bollard. This is a bollard that you can operate by manual, hydraulic, or pneumatic means to retract into the ground. If you have an area that you usually close off to vehicles but sometimes want to open up to allow traffic to pass through, this type of bollard may benefit you.

2. Quantity

How many bollards you purchase has an effect on the cost to purchase and install them. As you can see from this example, the price of a single bollard in this instance was $500, and the purchase price went up depending on how many bollards were necessary at each site.

3. Location

Are you planning to install bollards in an urban area where the traffic is heavy? If so, you may find that the cost of the installation is greater than it would be in an area with less traffic. This is because the installation requires more labor.

4. Optional Features

On some of our bollard models, we offer customization options, such as decorative covers for each unit. This can increase the cost of bollard installation.

Example Bollard Installation Cost

Let’s look at a hypothetical cost breakdown to get an idea of what bollard installation may cost you. This is an example and does not reflect actual Delta Scientific pricing. Imagine you want to purchase 10 bollards at $500 apiece. The labor cost to install one bollard is $200, meaning that each bollard costs at least $700 to install, putting the cost of materials and labor at $7,000 to install 10. The cost of tools may add another $1,000 total to the cost, putting the hypothetical total at $8,000, unless you want optional features or customization. Contact us to request an estimate of what your bollard installation cost will be.