How Delta Scientific Works With Emergency Personnel

How Delta Scientific Works With Emergency Personnel | Delta Scientific

Physical security products, such as gates and barricades, are intended to prevent attacks, keeping bad actors at bay until help arrives. However, a product that is effective at keeping would-be attackers out may also frustrate rescue efforts by emergency personnel. To prevent this, Delta Scientific works with first responders, such as police and fire departments, to teach them how to use our products. This allows them to gain access to the site and render aid in an emergency situation.

The Problem of Access

Emergency responders are trained to take the most straightforward route into a structure where an emergency is in progress whenever possible. For example, it is not necessary to kick down the front door if it is unlocked, so they are trained to try turning the doorknob first. If the most straightforward approach does not work, emergency personnel are equipped with tools that help them open locked doors, pull apart mangled vehicles, etc. Because using these effectively takes time and causes property damage, it is preferable not to use them unless necessary.

Delta Scientific products such as the TT300 high-security rolling pedestrian gate are very effective at deterring both vehicle attacks and pedestrian trespassers. However, these assets could turn into a liability because they could be equally effective at preventing emergency personnel from gaining the access necessary to provide help. Because our products are designed to resist tampering, the usual tools they use to gain access might not be effective.

Because we hold our emergency personnel in the highest esteem, we want to do our part to help make their jobs as easy as possible. That’s why we work with them to train them on the operation of our products.

The Solution Offered Through Training

We want emergency personnel to be able to gain access to an emergency situation to provide help. We offer training on our systems and how they operate to various departments and agencies at no cost to the participants. This involves inviting them into our factory and walking them through all the aspects of our system. In an emergency, they may encounter issues with attempted tampering or loss of power. We anticipate contingencies such as these and teach emergency personnel what to do if they encounter these specific scenarios. The training is customized to the needs of each individual department.

The Benefits to Emergency Responders

By offering this training as a public service, we provide first responders with the means to take the most straightforward approach to access the site of an emergency, per their training. This allows them to get past the barriers and start providing aid as quickly as possible. It also provides them with peace of mind that they will be able to get past the barricade in an emergency without having to resort to more extreme measures of gaining access that may or may not be effective.

Emergency responders are the backbone of the community, without which it could not function properly. We understand and respect the courage that it takes to put their own lives on the line to help others and are proud to support them.