Product Spotlight: DSC720-1M Tall High Security Bollards

Product Spotlight -DSC720-1M Tall High Security Bollards - Delta Scientific

The highest crash-rated bollard that we offer at Delta Scientific is the DSC720. With a crash rating of K-12, its height of 35 inches is sufficient to stop most large vehicles. However, in Europe and the Middle East, truck cabs are taller than in the United States. Because these taller models can be top-heavy, they may tumble over standard bollards and cause damage even after bringing the vehicle to a halt.

The DSC720-1M has the same crash rating and provides the same stopping power as the original DSC720. However, at a full meter high, it is more effective at preventing collateral damage that a taller truck could possibly cause if rammed into a building or pedestrian area.

Why Are Long-Distance Trucks Taller in Europe?

Long-distance trucks in Europe have to comply with overall length restrictions that the United States does not have. If the cab of the truck was lengthened to allow for more living space, it would reduce the amount of cargo that could be carried. Therefore, truck designers and manufacturers solved the problem by making the cabs taller, which allowed for more living space without going over the length restrictions.

Though obviously not intended as such by the manufacturer, a European long-distance truck with a tall cab makes a formidable weapon if used to ram a building or pedestrian area. Such an attack happened at the Breitscheidplatz Christmas Market in Berlin, Germany, in 2016. Sixty people were seriously injured, and 11 people died.

How Did DSC720-1M Bollards Perform in Crash Testing?

Like its predecessor, the DSC720, the DSC720-1M received the highest crash test ratings of K12 and M50. This means that the taller bollards were able to stop a 15,000-pound truck traveling 50 miles per hour. The chassis of the vehicle extended no further than 0.5 meters, resulting in a P1 rating, reserved for barricades that allow penetration of less than 3.3 feet. As intended, the DSC720-1M severely damaged the vehicle’s drive train and engine, rendering it un-drivable.

What Options Are Available for the DSC720-1M?

Delta Scientific is aware of our clients’ unique needs, and we offer various options to try to meet them. The DSC720-1M is customizable in several ways:

  • Appearance: We offer standard options of brushed stainless steel sleeves and decorative castings that fit over the bollards, helping them match the exterior of your building more effectively.
  • Power Options: In addition to fixed post bollards that cannot be raised or lowered, the DSC720-1M offers manual, electro-mechanical, and all-weather pneumatic power options, as well as the hydraulic power unit.
  • Operation: If you choose one of the power options, you can choose to operate it remotely or via fiber optics, the internet, or a closed network.

Where Would It Be Appropriate To Install the DSC720-1M?

The extra-tall, crash-rated bollard could be installed anywhere but would be most appropriate for areas that need the highest level of security. These include Department of Defense installations and Federal buildings. High-profile buildings around the world, such as embassies, could also benefit from the extra level of security provided by the DSC720-1M.