A Look at Delta Scientific’s New Product: The Anti-Climb Pedestrian Door

J10037 Anti-Climb Gate Fence

Installing effective security infrastructure on your property involves a thorough risk assessment and deploying a comprehensive solution that takes all possible threats into consideration. For example, if your security solution only addresses the threat of vehicular attack and disregards the risk associated with pedestrian trespassers, you may be leaving yourself unnecessarily vulnerable to breaches by unauthorized personnel on foot. 

At Delta Scientific, we understand the risks that trespasses by pedestrians can pose to a facility, especially one where sensitive operations take place. That’s why we are pleased to introduce our new product, the anti-climb pedestrian door

What Are the Standard Security Features of the Anti-Climb Door?

The anti-climb door comes equipped with an electronic keypad door handle, as well as a manual to guide you through the programming process. You can specify whether you want a weather-proof keypad for an outdoor installation or a standard one for indoors. In addition to the electronic keypad, there is also a latch to secure the door further with a padlock if you so desire. The latch is standard, but a padlock is not included. 

No matter the weight of the door, our standard heavy-duty hinges allow for ease of opening and closing. The door can easily be installed by drilling into an existing fence post and using the tamper-resistant lock nuts and carriage bolts to connect it to the frame. These connections are on the secure side of the fence, making them even more difficult to compromise. Standard anti-climb screen fence consists of 14-gauge wire in a 5/8 mini-mesh. 

What Are the Customization Options?

Regardless of the size of the opening you need to protect, your door will be built to fit it. While fence meshing is standard, you may choose from several other materials for your door:

  • Glass (tinted or non-tinted
  • Pickets
  • Solid panels
  • Expanded metal

All of these options are designed to prevent climbing by pedestrians, just as the standard fence meshing is. 

Additionally, you may choose from either the standard door closers or automatic door closers. If you wish to improve ease of egress, you may have a push bar installed for exiting quickly through the door from the secure side. This will not affect the functioning of the features on the outside. If you require a gun port for the door, this is an option as well. Electric door latches are also available, and you may choose from hard-wired or battery-powered options. 

What Are Some Applications for the Anti-Climb Pedestrian Door?

The anti-climb pedestrian door would be suitable for a facility with restricted access due to sensitive operations, such as a military installation or research facility. Not only would it deter bad actors trying to breach the property with malicious intent, but it would also discourage casual trespassers with no specific objective other than to go where they are not supposed to. A breach by any unauthorized personnel represents a security risk, even if it was carried out with no specific criminal intent. 

A hardened anti-climb pedestrian door is a component of a comprehensive security solution for your property. Check out these and other high-security products from Delta Scientific.