Protecting Pedestrians and Property Amidst Protests

Protecting Pedestrians and Property Amidst Protests | Delta Scientific Corporation

The right to state an opinion is something that many Americans hold dear. When many voices call out in unison, the results can turn into a security nightmare. Even locations where high pedestrian traffic isn’t normally a concern need to have a plan in place to handle massive protests. Local authorities may be in charge of keeping the peace, but there are many steps that professional security teams and designers can take to ensure the safety of people and property under their care. Using both fixed and portable units, any location can be prepared for demonstrations in ways that keep everyone’s safety at the forefront.

Social Impact

Providing a safe area during any event is important letting people know that their well-being is foremost on security’s mind. One of the biggest hazards that protesters face involves motorists. While intentional vehicular attacks are not unheard of, many of these incidents are simple mistakes. Even someone accidentally missing the brake pedal and hitting the gas instead transforms cars and trucks into deadly weapons. This makes areas where pedestrians can congregate that are off-limits to vehicular traffic very important.

Offering places to gather that are separated from the threats associated with street traffic is one of the easiest ways to handle pedestrians. Bollards can provide excellent protection since they both allow people to pass uninhibited while restricting access to motorists. Installations such as the DSC800 retractable bollard system features attractive units that can be sheathed safely underground if cars or trucks need to get by. Lining walkways or creating specific zones for mass congregations offer a safe space that can be controlled more easily with other on-site security measures.

Rolling Rights

Pedestrians forming en masse aren’t the only way protesters can interrupt basic security protocol. Traffic associated with large demonstrations can create problems with standard operating procedures as well. During the COVID 19 crisis, California citizens also took to their cars as an organized demonstration. The line of motorists spent over three hours driving slowly through downtown Oakland, blocking traffic during the protest. In these situations, it may be necessary to redirect the flow of traffic to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Having portable devices on hand makes it easy for security teams to adapt to changing situations. Removable bollards can cordon off areas where pedestrians can make their way safely around cars and trucks. Using the MP5000 rapid deployment barricade or another such device to close off a private street help to ensure those roadways remain clear. These units are also effective for closing parking lots and other areas from vehicles, as well as helping to create zones of control for additional security personnel.

Whether occurring in the United States or abroad, protests and mass gatherings are events that need to be considered. While permanent solutions offer safe spaces for pedestrians, temporary equipment allows teams to adapt no matter the situation. At Delta Scientific, our team of experts is ready to help find the best tools to make locations ready for any security challenge that they may face. Contact us today and be prepared for whatever tomorrow brings.