Crowd Protection and Portable Barriers

Crowd Protection and Portable Barriers | Delta Scientific

As more accidents involving rogue drivers flood the news, security teams are looking for new ways to prevent an assault on their watch. When there are massive congregations of pedestrians, such as during conventions or protests, they make a tempting target for those looking to do harm.

In response, personnel need to devise better temporary solutions to this protection problem. By incorporating high-security portable barricades, planners and police will have better control over incursions while also creating pathways for pedestrian foot traffic.

Preserving Protests

A large organized group provides an effective means for public outcry, but when so many individuals are together it can be a recipe for disaster. During the Hong Kong protests, cars rammed through several flimsy barriers, injuring multiple objectors. In at least one such case, the incident was entirely preventable had police erected an effective barricade instead of relying on ad-hoc pedestrian efforts.

Situations like these aren’t isolated to protests abroad. Whether by accident or design, vehicular attacks are both more common and more effective when adequate safety measures aren’t taken into account, leaving pedestrians in harm’s way.

Citizen Causeways

The most effective method for preserving peace is one that has been adopted by many institutions and organizations for large-scale events. Temporary high-security barriers can provide exactly the kind of protection needed while simultaneously creating boundaries for both vehicles and pedestrians.

For example, the city of Fremont, CA followed a growing trend and purchased 12 portable barriers from Delta Scientific for events and festivals. Police believe these temporary barricades are a fast solution to the increased threat of vehicular assault. With these devices on hand, legal protests can be cordoned off from street traffic with barricades that set up quickly, an effective tool to safeguard pedestrians.

Bollards and Barricades

Delta Scientific specializes in designing easy-to-use portable barricades for exactly these situations. When an emergency arises or police need to separate pedestrians from road traffic, barricades and temporary bollards can be installed quickly in appropriate locations.

As opposed to permanent barriers, portable options provide the flexibility necessary to be used in a variety of events. From large festivals to smaller protests, temporary barriers and bollards give police and security personnel options to provide the most effective safety measures for every situation.

Make sure your organization is prepared the next time it’s planning a large event or congregation of pedestrians. Contact Delta Scientific today to learn more about portable barriers and bollards and how they can keep your next festival a safe place for everyone involved!