Wedge Barricades Play an Essential Role in Vehicle Access Security

Wedge Barricades Play an Essential Role in Vehicle Access Security | Delta Scientific

Unfortunately, vehicles are no longer viewed just as forms of transportation. Terrorists and other criminals recognize that innocent-looking vehicles can become deadly weapons by packing them with explosives and detonating them near high profile targets. This threat makes it especially important secure vehicle access to

  • Nuclear power plants and dams.
  • Water, electricity and other infrastructure control facilities.
  • Military installations.
  • Government buildings.
  • Entertainment complexes.
  • Activities that bring large numbers of people together.

Wedge Barricades Fit in Tight Spaces

Everyone has seen a beam barricade. It has a long beam with a heavy counterweight on the short end and manual or hydraulic control for opening and closing. The beam barricade is effective in handling perimeter security in an open area but is large and difficult to implement in tight spaces. The wedge barricades manufactured by Delta Scientific Corporation, however, are perfectly suited for tight spaces because

  • The opening is between 8 and 20 feet wide, depending on the model.
  • The overall width is only 40 to 48 inches wider than the opening, depending on the model.
  • They weigh 8,000 to 12,000 pounds, depending on the width and the model.
  • They can be installed in areas with low clearance because the barricade lies flat when not in use.
  • Securing them to a flat concrete pad with an adhesive increases their ability to withstand an impact.

Wedge Barricades Are Conspicuous Displays of Security

Some security measures are so subtle that they are invisible. Bollards are a perfect example. Their steel rods may be sunk deep in concrete to protect the perimeter of a building but, outwardly, they are just decorative posts. People take them for granted and don’t realize that those posts help protect the building and its occupants.

When security is important, you want people to see the security measures, so they feel safe. You also hope that the conspicuous security measures deter criminal activity. There is nothing subtle about the wedge barricades from Delta Scientific Corporation. When they are in operation, everyone notices.

Some Models of Wedge Barricades Are Portable

The model MP5000 is an excellent example of a portable wedge barricade. It is trailer-mounted, self-contained and can virtually set itself up 15 minutes. The 20-foot version of the MP5000 was successful in a full-scale crash with a 15,000-pound flatbed truck traveling at 40 miles per hour. It has been deployed around the world to manage vehicle access at sports venues and political events.

Delta Scientific Corporation offers a complete line of products for vehicle access security. In addition to wedge barricades, their product portfolio includes beam barricades, bollards, sliding gates and more. If you’d like additional information for an application to suit your facility or event, please give us a call at (661) 575-1100.