Press Release Mar 2, 2004

Delta Bollards Provide Perimeter Protection for U.S. National Archives Building in Washington, D.C.


VALENCIA, CALIF. – March 2, 2004 – The National Archives Building in Washington, D.C. has tapped Delta Scientific’s decorative bollards to beef up perimeter security as part of a major renovation and restoration project now underway. The National Archives Building houses this country’s most important historic documents, including the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution.

The Delta DSC800 decorative bollards protect facilities from terrorists or others driving errant vehicles weighing up to 15,000 pounds and traveling at 30 mph. They are typically kept in an upright position to protect against unauthorized entry but lower to let approved vehicles pass through. The bollards are available in hydraulic, pneumatic, manual operation or fixed-post models. They are 30 inches high with a diameter between 6.6 to 9.6 inches. Speed of operation can adjust from 3 to 10 seconds.

“The National Archives Building is a treasure trove of this country’s most sacred documents,” says Scott Altizer, high security systems applications engineer at Delta Scientific. “Protecting the building, while still providing ample opportunity for public access, are two top objectives that are being capably met with Delta’s DSC800 bollards. In addition, the stately bollards enhance the overall aesthetics of the area.”

The DSC800 bollards can be faceted, fluted, or tapered, feature rings or ripple effects, or be made to look like pillars. Using the cast sleeve, project architects are virtually unlimited in styles and aesthetics. Cast sleeves can also incorporate corporate logos or patterns of architectural style for a specific building.

As with other Delta barrier systems, these bollards can be galvanized for corrosion resistance, fitted with an internal warning light for increased visibility and engineered to suit high volume traffic conditions.

In the United States alone, over 110 Federal buildings, including courthouses and FBI locations, use Delta’s anti-terrorist systems. Delta Scientific also supplies barriers, bollards and other counter-terrorist barricade systems to over 160 U.S. embassies and consulates in 130-plus countries.

About Delta:

Delta Scientific Corporation is the leading manufacturer of vehicle access control equipment with over 260,000 square feet of production facilities in Palmdale, Calif.  Delta’s three product lines consist of high-security vehicle barricade systems, parking control equipment and guard booths.  Delta Scientific has been engineering and manufacturing vehicle access control equipment since 1974 and sells its products worldwide.

Corporate headquarters, equipment sales, systems engineering and technical service are located at 40355 Delta Lane, Palmdale, Calif.93551. Phone is (661) 575-1100. Website is  Product installation and maintenance services are provided through Delta’s Tampa, Fla. office.

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