Press Release May 1, 2002

Delta Barriers Raise and Lower to Let Cars Through West Hollywood

Emergency Vehicle Siren Lowers Bollards


VALENCIA, CALIF. – May 1, 2002 – To block off residential areas from nighttime traffic off of Sunset Boulevard and mitigate traffic from the new Sunset Millenium Shopping Center, the City of West Hollywood is employing the same type of anti-terrorism bollards as used by the federal government to stop car bombers. Delta TT210 vertical lift bollards will destroy the front suspension system, steering linkage, engine crank case and portions of the drive train of any 7.5 ton (66.7 kN) non-armored or non-tracked vehicle hitting them at 62 mph (100 kph). They will also stop a 15 ton (133 kN) vehicle traveling at 44 mph (71 kph).

“The Delta TT210 bollards were installed on Hammond Avenue a decade ago,” reports Sharon Perlstein, West Hollywood (Calif.) City Engineer, Department of Transportation and Public Works. “They have survived all this time with little cost for restoration or repair. Over the years, the bollards have been hit by a couple cars going 30 to 40 miles per hour with no effect on their ability to operate.”

According to Perlstein, the City needed a street closure barricade to block off a residential area from nighttime traffic resulting from Sunset Boulevard nightclubs and restaurants. During the day, Delta Scientific TT210 bollard systems are recessed and remain in the down position to let cars through. During the evening, they raise to keep cars off residential streets. Parking Enforcement raises and lowers the bollards with a key operation.

A second, more recent system was installed to mitigate traffic from the new Sunset Millenium project, which includes a shopping center, hotel/retail section and retail/office area. In order to build the project, the developers were required to keep shoppers away from West Hollywood’s residential areas and needed to block off a street. To do so, the developer, in consort with the City, decided to install Delta TT210 bollards on West Hollywood’s Alta Loma Road, turning the street into a cul-de-sac.
However, Perlstein reports, the West Hollywood Emergency Services Department was very concerned because Alta Loma has been historically used by the City’s, and surrounding cities’, emergency vehicles. They requested that the bollards be able to be lowered for emergency traffic only. In response, Delta created a system in which the sound of the sirens from the emergency vehicles lowers the bollards. Parking Enforcement then re-raises them through a key operation.

“We’re also looking at using the Delta bollards in two other neighborhoods, where we are currently using planters with chains,” says Perlstein. “Delta bollards are a much more attractive, practical alternative to the planters. They are also durable and protect the public right-of-way better.”

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