Press Release Apr 23, 2002

With Delta Barriers in 40 Lots, CarMax Stops Thefts


VALENCIA, CALIF. – April 23, 2002 – When CarMax, the Auto Superstore® and the nation’s leading specialty retailer of used cars, needed a low maintenance system that would deter theft from their lots and integrate with their present security system, they chose Delta Scientific’s cable beam barricades and high security cantilever gates. These theft deterrents are installed at 40 CarMax locations throughout the United States, protecting the lots’ entrances and exits.

The barriers and gates are part of an integrated system and programmed to open and close during store hours of operation only. In all cases of ingress and egress, multiple conditions must be met. The system is partnered with a low frequency RFID technology that scans the stock number on the front window of the vehicle and can tell who took the car as well as when it left and came back. No guards are needed.

At almost every location, CarMax employs Delta’s TT212 Cable Beam Barricade. The high-strength wire rope of the TT212 will stop a non-armored or non-tracked vehicle weighing 6,000 pounds at 40 mph (26,7 KN at 64 kph). At other stores, CarMax additionally uses Delta’s crash-rated SC3000 High Security Cantilever Gate, which needs no tracks, wheels, roller paths, excavation or curb cutting to install.

“These barriers and gates, which are used at government facilities, are also natural fits for our car lots,” explains Steve Camp, CarMax project manager. “Since they default to the down position, they are always secure, even during a power failure. They provide a high degree of physical safety. We were unable to find anything less expensive that would give us the quality, low maintenance and dependability we required.”

According to Camp, the barriers and gates have done their job. Two years ago, two individuals attempted to steal a Ford Mustang off of one of CarMax’ Florida lots. The person in the Mustang drove up to the Delta gate from the inside. The outside thief attempted to ram the gate with his van, succeeding in only blowing out the van’s back windows on the third try. At that point, the Mustang driver abandoned the CarMax vehicle, jumped in the van and off they drove.

In Maryland, a thief tried to ram the Delta barrier with a Toyota Land Cruiser he was attempting to steal. He hit the gate going between 30 to 40 miles per hour, succeeding only in damaging the Toyota. The would-be car robber stumbled away from the car and the lot.

Camp adds that the protective barriers and gate provide CarMax dealers with an additional customer benefit. Instead of having to go to an office for a key every time a prospective buyer wants a test drive, CarMax dealers keep lockboxes attached to the cars and the salesperson simply retrieves the key on the spot and the drive commences immediately.

“We plan to open six to eight new stores per year. All stores will incorporate the CarMax standard by utilizing the same Delta gates as has been done with our other 40 stores,” Camp emphasizes.

About Delta:

Delta Scientific Corporation is the leading manufacturer of vehicle access control equipment with over 260,000 square feet of production facilities in Palmdale, Calif.  Delta’s three product lines consist of high-security vehicle barricade systems, parking control equipment and guard booths.  Delta Scientific has been engineering and manufacturing vehicle access control equipment since 1974 and sells its products worldwide.

Corporate headquarters, equipment sales, systems engineering and technical service are located at 40355 Delta Lane, Palmdale, Calif.93551. Phone is (661) 575-1100. Website is  Product installation and maintenance services are provided through Delta’s Tampa, Fla. office.

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