Delta TW4030 Surface Mount Barricade Controls Up to 15 Feet of Vehicle Access

Will Stop 15,000 Pound Vehicle Going 40 MPH (6800 Kg @ 64 kph)


VALENCIA, CALIF.—January 31, 2002—The Delta Scientific TW4030 Surface Mount Barricade controls a normal flow of authorized vehicular traffic yet, when deployed in its upright position, will stop and disable a 15,000 pound vehicle at speeds of up to 40 mph. The TW4030 incorporates buttresses at each end of the ramp, providing the strength to create continuous barricades from ten feet (3.05 m) to 15 feet (4.57 m) wide. All components are mounted above grade to eliminate cutting or excavation.

Used for intermediate security applications with difficult implementations, such as at parking structure ramps or areas with sub-surface drainage problems, the Delta TW4030 barricade installs quickly. Instead of having to replace the driveway to install a subterranean-mounted unit, the barrier bolts to the existing driveway. The heavy steel ramp lies level to the ground in the fully lowered position to allow vehicles to pass through. The plate is raised and lowered either hydraulically or pneumatically.
The speed at which the barrier deploys can be fully adjusted to the security site and facility requirements. The barrier also features safety loops that prevent false raises so that the TW4030 will not deploy if a car is on or in the way of the barrier.

“Besides government facilities, we have received many requests for such a barricade for locations such as restricted or reserved parking areas, impound yards, freight terminals, shipping and receiving docks, storage and warehouse entrances, arms depots and other places where standard traffic controls or gates are not capable of resisting high crash forces or vandalism,” explains David Dickinson, senior vice president of Delta Scientific. “The TW4030 provides the protection needed without having to tear up roads or surfaces.”