4 Physical Security Predictions for 2023

The security threats that you and your facility face are constantly changing. This means that your approach to security has to keep evolving as well. We at Delta Scientific keep a constant eye on new threats to physical security in an effort to better serve our customers. Here are some trends that we are currently watching that may be relevant to the security of your facility in the new year.

Climate Change and National Security

The negative effects of climate change are real and observable in the world. While it may be difficult for a layperson to perceive a link between climate change and national security, the United States Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security, as well as 18 different intelligence agencies, recognize climate change as a current, concrete security threat. Because security is Delta Scientific’s primary concern, we attempt to explain the connection between these two seemingly disparate phenomena.

What is a GSA Contract?

Delta Scientific is proud to be a GSA contractor providing security products to government agencies at the federal, state, and local level. However, what does it mean to be a GSA contractor? How did we become one? What benefits does it offer to customers who aren’t affiliated with government agencies?

5 Steps to Reduce Security Risks

Physical security and online security affect each other in different ways, whether positively or negatively. Integrating the two departments into one can therefore decrease security risks in both respects. The other steps involved in reducing risks include assessing what you have and formulating a replacement strategy.

Threat Modeling and Its Applications to Physical Security

Threat modeling is a technique used in software design to anticipate potential threats, identify vulnerable aspects of the system, and determine how to defend against them. Though used primarily in computer programming, the theoretical concept behind threat modeling could also apply to the design and implementation of physical security systems, such as barricades from Delta Scientific.

The New Undercarriage Vehicle Inspection Lights UVLS100

Vehicle attacks come in different forms. Terrorists are always looking for ways to cause as much chaos as possible, whether that means coming up with new ways to destroy or repurposing old ways. Therefore, Delta Scientific has to keep coming up with products that can foil vehicle attacks. One of our newest products is UVLS100, Undercarriage Vehicle Inspection Lights, which work in combination with our barricades.