Preparing for Effective Crowd Management at Your Event

A large crowd can pose a risk to public health and safety if people get overly emotional. Crowds also present a soft target for terroristic attacks. Therefore, effective crowd management is essential to keep your event running smoothly. We at Delta Scientific want your event to be a success, so we offer some strategies for effective crowd control.

What Is Crowd Control, and How Does It Relate To Crowd Management?

The terms “crowd control” and “crowd management” are often used interchangeably. Even Collins Dictionary defines “crowd control” as “management of crowds.”

However, there is a subtle difference between the two. The management of crowds is a theoretical strategy, while crowd control is the practical application of that strategy.

Why Are Crowd Control and Management Necessary?

Crowd control and management are necessary to mitigate an emergency situation that may arise during the event and put attendees at risk. Sometimes such emergencies arise because of outside factors, such as terrorist attacks.

However, sometimes members of the crowd get overstimulated. When a lot of people are attending an event, emotions can run high. Sometimes tempers flare and fights can break out. Effective crowd management minimizes the risk of violence and works to keep it contained if it does break out.

When people get excited, they sometimes start pushing and shoving. They don’t necessarily mean to cause harm; they just aren’t thinking about other people. There have been incidents in which event attendees have sustained serious injuries from being crushed or trampled. Some of these crushing and trampling incidents have proven fatal. Managing crowds effectively helps to prevent accidents of this nature.

Preparing for Effective Crowd Management at Your Event | Delta Scientific

What Are Some Effective Crowd Management Strategies?

Here are some things you can do before and during your event to prevent trouble by managing crowds effectively.

1. Perform a Risk Assessment

Before your event, identify the risks that have the potential to arise during your event. Determine how likely each is to occur, and use this to set priorities while planning your strategy.

2. Obtain the Necessary Authorization

A large event often has the potential to disrupt traffic and otherwise inconvenience other members of your community who are not attending the event. For this reason, you typically have to obtain the permission of the municipal government before you can hold the event. This also allows you to involve local law enforcement in your crowd management strategies if necessary.

3. Control the Flow of Traffic

When you hold a large event, you have to have a plan to control the flow of foot traffic as well as automobiles. At Delta Scientific, we offer several portable products to control the flow of vehicle traffic into your venue, such as beam barricades, as well as to prevent cars and trucks from driving into pedestrian areas, such as bollards.

Why Should You Choose Delta Scientific Products for Crowd Management?

Our portable products are easy to set up quickly before your event and then take down and store afterward. Through crash testing, we have verified that our portable barricades and bollards are effective at stopping a 15,000-pound vehicle traveling up to 30 miles an hour. We work with you to help you find crowd management products tailored to your needs. Contact us to start the process.