Peace of Mind With the Delta Car Lot Beam DSC7090

DSC7090-Crash Delta Scientific

If you run a car lot, you have a lot invested in your inventory. Unfortunately, because your inventory is mobile by its very nature, it is vulnerable to being diverted by thieves. The DSC7090 drop-arm beam barricade from Delta Scientific can help protect your inventory.

What Are the Security Risks on a Car Lot?

New cars are worth tens of thousands of dollars. Under the right circumstances, used cars can be worth almost as much. Their inherent value makes them a tempting target for thieves. Cars are also a tempting target because they can be driven away from the car lot. You probably keep the keys to the vehicles in a safe place, but that may not be sufficient to deter car thieves as it is possible to compromise the wiring in a vehicle to get it to start without a key. A thief who steals inventory from a car lot often acts under cover of darkness during the hours when the lot is closed. Few witnesses around late at night makes it easier to escape with the stolen vehicle.

How Do Delta Scientific Products Help?

There are many different ways to enhance the physical security of your car lot. One of the most effective methods is to make it more difficult to drive the vehicles off the lot, even if the thieves succeed in “hotwiring” them to make them start without a key.

By blocking vehicle traffic from the entries and exits, Delta Scientific barricades prevent thieves from driving vehicles off the lot. You can put the barricade down when you leave for the day, and thieves will not be able to drive past or around it. A thief is unlikely to try to ram the car into the barricade because then it cannot be sold for as much money due to the damage. Nevertheless, the barricade will hold firm even if a bad actor should try to ram the car into it for whatever reason.

What Are Some Specific Benefits of the DSC7090 Crash Beam Barricade?

The DSC7090 is a drop-arm barricade. This means the protective arm can be raised and lowered as needed. If your car lot sees a lot of traffic, you can raise and lower the beam quickly. If you need to stop a vehicle from getting out of your lot, or from crashing into it, the drop-arm lowers in two seconds. It can open up again in five seconds. This fast operation allows approximately 100 vehicles to go in and out per hour.

The DSC7090 has a crash rating of M30/P1 according to standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials. Under the ASTM system, the M-rating refers to the maximum speed at which a barrier is effective at stopping a 15,000-pound vehicle. The DSC7090 has an M-rating of 30, meaning that it can stop a 15,000-pound truck traveling up to 30 miles per hour.

Under the ASTM crash rating system, the P-rating refers to the penetration, i.e., how far the chassis of the vehicle extends past the vehicle after it has stopped. With negative 6.3 feet of penetration, the DSC7090 has a P1 rating for penetration, which denotes the least amount.

Along with other security measures, such as cameras and lighting, the DSC7090 can be an effective theft deterrent for your car lot.