Student Safety and Pedestrian-Friendly Parking


There is no question that societies want to keep schools as safe spaces for education. While violent attacks have risen in the past decades, these don’t account for the entirety of instances where students find themselves in danger. Security designs have focused mainly on interior updates to make schools safer, yet this does little to help stop preventable accidents that occur in campus parking lots. In essence, high-security devices offer much more to schools than keeping violent aggressors at bay.

Parking Danger

While many parents grab their children’s hands as they cross a busy parking lot, students rushing through lines of idling and stopped vehicles to get to school are still a common occurrence. Crossing a lot may be a necessity for those that walk to school, and even sidewalks may not provide adequate protection from inattentive drivers. Conditions can get so bad as to prompt responses from even the youngest of students.

In the UK, a Newcastle elementary school staged a protest by placing teddy bears along a section of walkway frequently used as a stop for dropoffs. Several students, parents and teachers narrowly avoided being struck by careless drivers seeking to park closer to the school. The young learners were anxious to put a stop to the dangerous activity and hopes the stuffed animals would give pause to reckless drivers.

Safety First

While teddy bears may shed some light on a dangerous situation, they do little to actually protect pedestrians from harm. Many institutions such as an intermediate school in Newport Beach, CA, have allocated funds to provide a safer experience for those that traverse their parking lots. Some have added gates to create focal points for entry, forcing drivers to pay more attention when moving through busy lots.

A different kind of accident in other parking areas across the country has prompted significant changes to building ordinances, specifically a move away from concrete bumpers. These simple devices are low to the ground making them difficult for drivers and pedestrians to see. These bumpers have led to many trip-and-fall accidents, leading lot designers to seek a more visible alternative.

Bollards Abound

The easiest and most visible way to help keep pedestrians safe involves installing bollards at strategic points around parking lots. These devices are both easy to see and difficult to move, making them a perfect alternative to relying on low curbs, obfuscated bumpers and painted directional indicators. In addition, they clearly illustrate off-limit areas as well as signify parking spots that can be easily seen by walkers and drivers alike.

The added benefit to installations such as Delta Scientific’s fixed bollard modules is their looks. As opposed to fencing or large concrete barriers, bollards provide an attractive projection of safety without making the area look constricted and confining. Students can easily maneuver around them while vehicles have no choice but to remain in designated areas. They can even be made removable so emergency vehicles and maintenance crews can access closed off locations easily.

Contact Delta Scientific today to learn how decorative bollards can make a huge difference in the safety of your school parking lot. Making students feel secure is just one part of creating a successful learning environment.