Keeping Parking Garages Safe Zones


Unmanned parking garages are becoming a staple in larger cities. As companies take advantage of remote security and automated egress systems, the need for a large on-site security force for these enclosed structures seems to be diminishing. But a recent rise in attacks has led some companies to rethink this model. By adding additional security measures and a physical security presence, these areas can become much safer for foot and vehicular traffic.

A Growing Danger

Assaults in parking garages aren’t anything new. Perpetrators focus on these locations as prime targets thanks to the nature of their construction. They are large open areas that are difficult to light and usually have poor surveillance and lines of sight. The advent of newer technology that reduces staffing requirements only serves to create more opportunities.

In Milwaukee, a local hospital became the target of criticism when two attacks occurred in its parking garage less than a year apart. Though security cameras recorded at least one of these incidents, the critically wounded victim still wasn’t found until hours later. Unfortunately, these are not isolated incidents, as other events like the murder of a University of Illinois student inside a parking area continue to grab headlines.

Necessary Response

It’s going to take more than adequate lighting to keep citizens safe in covered parking areas. If the tendency towards smaller security staff in these locations continues, it necessitates other methods that will ensure such attacks are limited. Increasing security camera coverage can only do so much, as without proper staff to respond to these threats these devices can only create a record of events. Fortunately, Delta Scientific can recommend several methods that help make parking garages safer locations overall.

  • Guard Booths: Having limited security personnel means ensuring they are housed in locations where they can do the most good. Guard booths provide both shelter and a base of operations that teams can use to monitor CCTV information and be ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice. Placed at central areas, entrances and exits, they can offer a sense of security when citizens and perpetrators know there is someone close by.
  • Emergency Communication: Parking garages are notorious for having poor reception, and fumbling with a cellular phone is the last thing anyone should be concerned with when defending against an attack. Installing easy-to-identify communication devices mean people can be sure help is on the way after the simple press of a button.
  • Lockdown: If an attack should occur, steps should be in place to limit a perpetrator’s ability to leave the area. While parking control beams are effective at limiting vehicular movement, it is still possible for aggressors to make their escape. With shallow foundation retractable barriers in place, it becomes almost impossible for any vehicle to use those entryways until lowered by the appropriate agents.

The best security devices are ones that never need to be used. At times, even the display of safety is enough to ward off all by the most determined of assailants. Contact Delta Scientific to learn more about parking garage security and find out how you can better protect pedestrians from attack.