The Roles of Industrial Bollards in the Petrochemical Industry

The Roles of Industrial Bollards in the Petrochemical Industry | Delta Scientific

Protecting infrastructure is huge responsibility in the petrochemical industry. Facilities need the right equipment in place to ensure the safety and security of equipment and to prevent tragedies. Delta Scientific has barricade systems and solutions that make your property more secure by giving you vehicle control systems to control access around your facility. Petrochemical facilities produce and supply energy for much of the world, in addition to creating the base materials for many of the products we use in our daily lives. Ensuring the security, safety and uninterrupted operations of these facilities are paramount for smooth running society. Bollards, small as they may be, provide a critical link in the protection of the petrochemical industry.

Bollards are short, sturdy posts that once were used for mooring boats. Today, bollards typically refer to posts that are installed to control traffic and to prevent car ramming attacks. Industrial bollards have many different functions. When safety is an issue, consider using bollards in these methods.

Perimeter Security

High security bollard systems act like an extremely strong fencing alternative. A fence would have no impact against a commercial vehicle, but bollards are built to withstand tons of pressure. Decorative bollards are much more aesthetically pleasing than a fence, which offers branding opportunities. Bollards can be used as security measures, but they can also be used to designate traffic low and allow easy access. Delta can install bollards that can be lowered to allow certain traffic in and out.

Visual Guides for Drivers

Bollards can be installed to provide visual references for drivers who need to back into a loading bay. These steel barricades stand up to the greater force of a truck, protecting the building. The bollard absorbs the wear and tear from trucks that back up at an incorrect angle, giving the vehicle a nudge away from the building. Bollards get scratched, dinged and dented rather than distressing the building.

Bollards Provide Structure

Installing bollards around vulnerable points of your structure prevents damage by collisions. Many companies place bollards around structural supports that are critical to the building. If the support was damaged, it could destabilize the building, causing costly repairs and downtime. Placing bollards at critical points reduces the risk of damage.

Bollards around Utilities

Electrical boxes, utility meters and generators can be easily damaged by traffic. Bollards placed around these elements protect them against minnow bumps and backups to prevent downtime. The stationary posts surround the equipment and offer greater protection than a fence.

Combining Bollards With Other Systems

Bollards are just one element of a high security system to protect your property and facility. Delta Scientific engineers can help you design the level of security you need for your circumstances. Bollards can be made with decorative covers to match the aesthetics of your brand. Protect your infrastructure by working with Delta Scientific on your facility’s specific needs. To learn more about the bollards we offer, contact us online or call us at (661) 575-1100.