Press Release July, 2009

For Hotels and Soft Targets, Delta Scientific New Electro-Mechanical Shallow Foundation Barrier Pops Up in 1.5 Seconds


Presentation at Department of State Overseas Advisory Council (OAC)

Proposes Lower-Cost DSC2000EM3 Barricade for Hotels and Other Soft Targets

PALMDALE, CALIF. – July, 2009 – Delta Scientific, the leading manufacturer of counter-terrorist vehicle control systems used in the United States and internationally, today announced a less costly, counter balanced electromechanical version of its highly successful DSC2000 crash-rated, anti-terrorist vehicle control barricade system to help protect soft targets, such as hotels, throughout the world. The new DSC2000EM3 provides an extremely fast 1.5-second emergency fast time and normal operating speed of five to 12 seconds. Each module is individually counter balanced and can be raised manually with one hand. The barricade’s power unit simply plugs into a standard 120v/15A wall socket. One, two, three or four modules can be powered with a single self contained motor drive.

In a well-received presentation at the Overseas Advisory Council of the U.S. State Department, which included representatives from major hotel chains, the DSC2000EM3 was proposed as a vehicle control solution for soft targets throughout the world that can be susceptible to car and truck bombings,” reports David Dickinson, Delta Scientific senior vice president. “These locales need the protection of a barricade like our highly popular DSC2000 but without the cost of its more complex hydraulic and pneumatic operation. Hotels and other soft targets can now use the electro-mechanical DSC2000EM3 and still be assured that their barricade will pop up to protect them in an unusually fast 1.5 seconds.”

The DSC2000 high speed, high security, very shallow foundation barricade is Delta’s fastest, smallest and shallowest foundation barricade and was created especially for high speed applications and ease of installation. It is K12 crash certified with no penetration, meaning it will stop a 15,000 pound (66.7 kN) vehicle traveling 50 mph (80 kph) dead in its tracks. Set in a foundation only ten inches (25 cm) deep versus the standard 18 inches (45 cm) on most shallow foundation barriers, the Delta DSC2000 survived and operated after a crash test with a 1.5 million foot pound impact, exceeding Department of State and Department of Defense test standards. The DSC2000 has also been tested to the United Kingdom BSI Standard PAS:68 2007 crash test with a 7.5 Tonne EU truck at 80 kph.

Because each module weighs only 1100 pounds (500 kg) and is easy to install, the DSC2000 barricade is perfect for remote locations and developing country installations. For ease of shipping, the complete barricade system, including the hydraulic power unit, control circuits and controls, fits on two 4 ft. x 6 ft. pallets that can be easily handled by a lightweight yard fork lift or pallet jack. It fits in a small shipping package or air cargo container for convenient air transport. Modules can even be carried in the back of a pick-up truck. The barricade modules can be manhandled into place and installed without the use of power equipment.

Multiple modules can be deployed in configurations to guard wide roadways to narrow driveways. Designed for heavy use, the DSC2000 produces more than 100,000 cycles per month with axle loading greater than 22,000 pounds. With the hydraulic option, the operator can hit the emergency fast button and an array of three or more DSC2000 barricades will pop up in less than 0.4 seconds. These barricades can be operated as a single barricade in a narrow road or an array of 10 or more.

The DSC2000 barricade with the electro-mechanical option (DSC2000EM3) is now available.

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