Press Release Oct 10, 2007

Delta Scientific Introduces Plug-and-Play High Security Vehicle Access Control

Permanent or Temporary K4 Installation – Barrier System Simply Epoxies and Bolts to Existing Concrete Slab


PALMDALE, CALIF. – October 10, 2007 – Delta Scientific, the leading manufacturer of counter-terrorist vehicle control systems used in the United States and internationally, today announced that its new DSC1200 surface mounted barricade provides a very easy to install high security vehicle access control system for banks, city and federal government offices, museums, corporate buildings, factories, oil refineries, railway, airport and other transportation hubs as well as other facilities threatened by truck bomb attack, errant drivers or car-crashing thieves. Installers can simply epoxy and bolt the new DSC1200 barricade to an already-existing concrete slab. Since there are no drainage or underground utilities issues, installation is fast.

“There continues to be great demand for certified crash-resistant barricades that can be installed quickly and inexpensively,” explains David Dickinson, Delta Scientific senior vice president. “From smashing a vehicle into a museum to stealing art to stopping terrorists at government facilities, the DSC1200 provides a plug-and-play temporary or permanent security alternative that can be operational within hours.”

Ready to operate, the DSC1200 high security barricade features a self-contained motor drive in one buttress and operates on single-phase household voltages. Stop-and-go signal lights and access control logic are also built-in. To manage the barricade, operators use touch screen control panels, which simply plug into the barricade’s control circuits.

The new DSC1200 high security barricade has been full scale tested and certified by the U.S. Department of State as K4. It will stop and destroy a 15,000-pound (66.7 kN) truck traveling 30 miles per hour (48 kph).

The DSC1200 high security barricades are also perfect for high water table locations and areas with corrosive soils. Needing no foundation except a cement slab obviates the concerns of interference with subsurface water, gas and fuel pipes, storm drains, power lines and fiber optic communication lines. Simply epoxying and bolting the barricades to a slab instead of having to dig a trench also reduces installation complexity, time, materials and corresponding costs.

The new DSC1200 high security barricade is now available.

About Delta:

Delta Scientific Corporation is the leading manufacturer of vehicle access control equipment with over 260,000 square feet of production facilities in Palmdale, Calif.  Delta’s three product lines consist of high-security vehicle barricade systems, parking control equipment and guard booths.  Delta Scientific has been engineering and manufacturing vehicle access control equipment since 1974 and sells its products worldwide.

Corporate headquarters, equipment sales, systems engineering and technical service are located at 40355 Delta Lane, Palmdale, Calif.93551. Phone is (661) 575-1100. Website is  Product installation and maintenance services are provided through Delta’s Tampa, Fla. office.

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