Press Release Aug 14, 2007

Delta Scientific’s New Crash-Resistant Fixed Bollard Modules Protect Facilities from Terrorist and Errant Vehicles

Stops Car Bombers, Similar to Incident at Glasgow International Airport, Dead in Their Tracks


PALMDALE, CALIF. – August 14, 2007 – Delta Scientific, the leading manufacturer of counter-terrorist vehicle control systems used in the United States and internationally, today announced that its new DSC600 Shallow Foundation Bollards will protect approaches to buildings, drop-off and passenger loading areas at transportation hubs, storefronts, sports arenas, office buildings and other presently unprotected locations where vehicle bombers and errant drivers have no obstacles to stop them. With the DSC600 bollard modules, those facilities surrounded by streets, abutting sidewalks and set back on lawns, such as many state capitals, other government structures, stadiums, theaters, and commercial buildings, can now be effectively protected.

“There is a great demand for a crash-resistant device that is easy to install and attractive,” explains David Dickinson, Delta Scientific senior vice president. “From using a vehicle to break into a pharmacy to stopping terrorists at airports, the DSC600 provides a significant blocking device solution that continues to challenge security directors, how to easily install fixed bollards, especially on shallow substrates, including those that are not level or have turns. No longer will facilities, such as airports, the upper levels of parking structures and other unprotected locales have to use unsightly ‘make-do’ solutions to stop car bombers or wayward drivers.”

With a foundation only 14 inches (35.5 cm) deep versus the four feet (1.2 m) typically required, Delta’s new DSC600 Shallow Foundation Bollards can be installed within sidewalks, on top of concrete deck truss bridges or in planters as well as conform to the inclines and turns of a locale. The new 2-bollard modules, which can be arrayed in whatever length is required, will stop and destroy a 15,000-pound (66.7 kN) truck traveling 50 miles per hour (80 kph).

They have already successfully passed a K12 rating crash test, providing proof of their ability to provide high-energy stops. In fact, the DSC600 is the first Shallow Foundation Bollard to successfully meet the U.S. Department of State Specification, Revision A that requires the bed of the attacking truck to go less than 39 inches (1 m) beyond the point of impact.

In its certified crash test on July 31, 2007, the penetration of the truck was only 15 inches (38.1 cm), with only minor damage to the DSC600 bollards, meeting both the US and United Kingdom 1-meter requirements. Both bollards in the module were structurally sound and the foundation pad was intact. The system stood ready to accept a subsequent hit, a tactic employed by terrorists.

The DSC600 bollard modules also eliminate the major installation problems of traditional barriers caused by rough surfaces and turns. Conventional barriers require surface areas to be completely leveled. On curves, setbacks often end up too close to the facility. The new DSC600 bollards will blend into curves, rough terrain or inclines easily. Setbacks can be as short as 2 feet (61 cm), providing a much greater safety cushion for the facility.

The DSC600 Shallow Foundation Bollards are also perfect for high water table locations and areas with corrosive soils. The shallow foundation obviates the concerns of interference with buried water, gas and fuel pipes, storm drains, power lines and fiber optic communication lines. This foundation also reduces installation complexity, time, materials and corresponding costs. In addition, by simply staggering the DSC600 bollard modules, installers can additionally provide protection to shallow underpinnings locales with uneven approaches and those with curves.

The bollards can even be architecturally enhanced to blend in with their surroundings using Delta’s decorative bollard option.

The new bollard modules also meet the 1-meter clearance regulations mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Although the DSC600 bollards will let people pass through them, they will stop vehicles dead in their tracks.

The front to back length of a DSC600 Shallow Foundation Bollard module is seven feet (2.13 m).
The new DSC600 Shallow Foundation Bollard modules are now available.

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