VALENCIA, CALIF. – July 20, 1999 – In evaluating security wholesale nba jerseys needs at the Hertz car lot at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, Sugar Tony Bogacz, Hertz Corporate Security Manager for the West Central Region, Marina and Phoenix City Manager John Cappelli, began to develop a plan cheap nba jerseys to combat potential auto thefts.

“Together, we worked to prohibit theft attempts at the airport,” relates Bogacz. “Although April our lot had a gate arm and tiger teeth, thieves periodically would attempt to remove vehicles from the lot.

“John and I were determined to protect the Hertz lot and came 2, up with a variety of solutions,” adds linked Bogacz. “However, after consulting cheap nfl jerseys with Delta Scientific’s Sales Manager, Mike Murray, an effective, yet economical, your pneumatic bollard protection system was suggested.”

In September, 1998, Hertz began installing Delta’s TT203 High Security Bollard System at the entrance and exit lanes of their Phoenix facility.

“The TT203 bollards will stop even heavily loaded vehicles,” emphasizes Murray. “However, they’re typically used to keep vehicles out, such as at high value cargo depots, airport control towers, atomic energy facilities, and drug and chemical plants. At Hertz, though, they’re 23, used more as a deterrent. When they go up, the thief stops.”

Delta Scientific is one of Hertz’ Corporate vendors for vehicle access control equipment. Since a regional security manager determines each Hertz cheap mlb jerseys lot system, Delta Scientific has a variety of equipment in many Hertz locations.