MTC6000 Flush Mount Motorized Traffic Control Spikes

The MTC6000 Flush Mount Motorized Traffic Controller features a modular design, electro-mechanical operation and pedestrian friendly control teeth.

The MTC6000 flush mount motorized traffic control spikes system is designed to control authorized traffic flow on a day-in-day-out basis yet will severely damage or deflate the tires of an unauthorized vehicle, even the new generation of steel belted tires.

The MTC6000 system was created for use at car rental agencies, public buildings, airports or high vandalism locations where car theft or fee evasion is of concern.

The Control Spike Teeth of the MTC6000 are made from a high tensile steel with points encased in specially formulated molded caps that break away under the impact and load of a motor vehicle, yet provide protection to a hapless pedestrian that might fall or bump against the unit. The ‘Pedestrian Friendly’ Sabre Tooth Control Teeth are rotated into position by a highly reliable electro-mechanical system in less than 1.5 seconds.

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MTC6000 Surface Mount

MTC6000 Flush Mount Traffic Control Spikes